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Tell Senator Landrieu to Stop the War on Youth

Senator Mary Landrieu claims to have the best interests of Louisiana in mind, but her actions in the Senate say otherwise:

Senator Mary Landrieu has had many opportunities to stop the policies that are harming Louisiana’s economy and eroding our civil liberties. But she didn’t – instead, she doubled down and supported the government’s reckless expansion that has left young people with less privacy, fewer jobs, and more debt.

This has to end. Contact Senator Landrieu via Facebook, Twitter, or phone and tell her to stop the War on Youth that is harming our future!

Meet General Surgeon: Mary Landrieu’s New Favorite Krony

Meet General Surgeon: Mary Landrieu’s New Favorite Krony

General Surgeon isn’t just the team medic, he’s Big G’s own Doctor Feelgood. Combining Krony powers from every healthcare sector, he’s four Kronies in one! His hermetically sealed helmet glows green with

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