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New December Jobs Report, Same Bleak Story

Another year has passed, another month, another new jobs report. But let’s be honest. Has anything really changed?

The numbers tell us what we all already know, from my friends and yours – millions of young people woke up this morning with one thing in common: they don’t have a job.

Our Millennial Jobs Report for December 2012 has the unemployment rate for 18-29 year olds at 11.5%, while the overall unemployment rate sits at 7.8%. This is the 49th consecutive month with national unemployment above 7%.

If you factor in those young people who have simply given up looking for work, the rate is actually 16.3%.

Our leaders in Washington can continue to make it seem like things are getting better, but the fact remains that way too many young people are scraping by, falling further behind on their student loan payments, still living at home with their Mom and Dad, sending out hundreds of resumes, and filling out numerous job applications, all with little or no result. While seasonal hiring for the holidays has given some Millennials a job, these temporary positions are far from ideal as young people look to get into the game and get started in life.

So you tell me, has anything really changed?

Terence Grado
Generation Opportunity